Blog Post by Jade Rojas, Class of 2024

One should be involved in at least one high school activity, whether that be sports or clubs.  I’ve always been on the more reserved side and was never too great at making friends, but high school has given me a way to step out of my comfort zone.  Now, as a junior in high school, I can say that I have  a fantastic group of friends and am much more comfortable when meeting new people and this is due a great deal to my involvement in sports. 

At Chaffey, I’m involved in three sports: Volleyball, Waterpolo, and Swimming.  These different sports allowed me to fill my friend group with people that I would on a regular bases, never interact with.  It also served as a great introduction to the school. 

Coming from a K-8 school and having freshman year be online, I was anxiously awaiting the beginning of sophomore year.  I remember thinking to myself about how embarrassing it would be to, as a sophomore, be lost on campus and sit alone at lunch.  I somehow got news of summer volleyball clinics and figured I would check it out, I’d been involved in sports in middle school and thought it would be fun.  It took a bit of adjusting but eventually, I became familiar with the people who I’d practice with and some of them are now my closest friends. 

This experience was crucial to my growth as a person and made me feel so much better and more relieved about returning to school in person.  Waterpolo and swim teammates also helped me acclimate to high school, the people in these sports are so wonderful, caring, funny, and reliable.  When you’re part of a team you never feel truly alone, that in its self is an irreplaceable sentiment. 

All of my sports are so important to me and make me feel as though I belong, it allows for a sense of community to be built and introduces you to so many new people.  Sports give people equal opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and gain new experiences.  I’m successful at Chaffey because I put in the effort but the added sense of community derived from being involved here at Chaffey, sure did give me a much-needed helping hand.