What are you doing this summer? Consider attending a summer session to develop your interests and passions. Check out the lists below and let me know if you find another program that you think our Chaffey Tigers would enjoy.

Jimena Sanchez

Chaffey Class of 2023, Scripps College Class of 2027

Jimena has been excited about her college opportunities for years. She is a Quest Bridge Scholar and has taken advantage of many college-ready supports throughout her four years at Chaffey. Here are her suggestions for where to find help for your college journey:

Diana Fernandez

Chaffey Class of 2023

Diana spent her summer traveling and getting ready for her senior year. She has taken advantage of many opportunities on and off campus. Here is her list of places where she found support, encouragement, and inspiration:

Denise Hernandez

Chaffey Class of 2023, Claremont McKenna Class of 2027

Denise took advantage of many opportunities at Chaffey and beyond. She is a Quest Bridge Scholar and will attend Claremont McKenna College. Who helped her along the way? Here’s a list of the places where she found support:

Gerardo Hurtado

Chaffey Class of 2020, Pomona College Class of 2024

The SCS Noonan Scholars Summer Academy (Now Thrive Scholars) was by far the highlight of my academic career. They were six short weeks, but they were busy weeks, and I ultimately left the program with exponentially more confidence and knowledge of the college admissions process. I was surrounded by people who were motivated, hard-working, and determined to reach the ultimate goal of higher education at the school of their choice. And most importantly, we were a – 100 person – family; we were a family united because we all understood what it was like to be an anxious first-generation student of color. It was empowering to have advisors who were college students or shared similar backgrounds as first-generation students of color. 

We visited Wesleyan University, Trinity College, Boston College, Harvard University, Yale University, Tufts University, Smith College (girls). Also attended “mock admissions” seminars with schools like MIT, Cornell, attended informational seminars with schools including Princeton, Amherst, Bates, Brown, UChicago, Williams, and so many more. The college-admissions-process workshops were incredibly insightful, but that’s not where it ended; being able to actually visit these institutions that we have always dreamed of was especially motivating, and meeting admissions counselors from these dream schools convinced me that although most of these private institutions were not originally built for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, my background was cherished and I was valued as a prospective student at these highly selective institutions. I didn’t want to leave the summer academy because I knew all 100 of us would miss each other terribly. And I’m going to do it all over again next summer at USC, and for my four years in college I’ll receive College Success mentorship. 

Yatziri Carmona

Chaffey Class of 2020, Pomona College Class of 2024

Bovard Scholars:

Bovard Scholars is a program hosted by the University of Southern California for high achieving low income rising seniors who are looking to apply to top tier institutions. Throughout the three weeks, students are assigned to mentors who guide them in the college application process. Approximately one hundred twenty rising seniors are selected to participate from the United States.

Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars:

The Neubauer Family Adelante Summer scholars program is hosted by the University of Chicago for high achieving rising seniors involved in the Hispanic community. Throughout the three weeks, students are enrolled in a writing or biology class that can be exchanged for college credit. Approximately thirty five rising seniors are selected to participate from the United States.

Why did you apply?

I really wanted to get a glimpse of college life and step out of my community. Prior to the Neubauer Family Adelante Summer program, I had never been out of state. I also wanted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have a support network throughout daunting senior year.

What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed the outings these programs hosted. The University of Chicago staff took us downtown Chicago to eat and visit hot spots. At Bovard Scholars, we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, and Santa Monica Pier. 

What did you value most? 

Bovard Scholars provided me with a personal college admissions counselor which I am so grateful for. My college admissions counselor was an admissions reader at Princeton and Dartmouth so her advice is extremely valuable to me. Thanks to her guidance, I feel more confident in the college and scholarship application process.

The University of Chicago also provided me with valuable college knowledge. I was fortunate enough to meet their admissions readers, financial aid officers, and dean. They revealed to me that if I were to attend the University of Chicago, I would have my full tuition covered. The staff at the University of Chicago gave me optimism about furthering myself through education.