Blog post by Arely Medina-Martinez, Class of 2024

A class that has been illuminating is my Peer Counseling class, which was created by students and teachers coming together to make a safe space for students who need it. I think the concept of it is incredible to have students who want to help, help other students who need it. I am currently in training since this is my first year, but even practicing with my friends had made it feel like mental health is being taken  seriously at Chaffey. I really enjoy getting informed on mental health and how to help others who are struggling cope. The environment of the class was not like any other I feel like I am allowed to be honest with the students and with my teacher Mrs. Kruse who runs peer counseling. Arriving in this class is a safe space for me because I know I won’t be judged, and it’s fun, genuinely I am happy walking into my 4th period everyday. I enjoy the fact that we are encouraged to talk to our friends and peers and our opinions are valued and heard by Mrs.Kruse.

    Another aspect of peer counseling is helping and participating in the mental health awareness fair we have every month. Peer counseling makes most of the materials for our booth to give to other students to inform them and make them more aware about mental health. I believe it’s really important we keep these fairs to keep these conversations going about mental health. Everyone struggles, and it is really astonishing that Chaffey High School acknowledges that and makes it a point to bring attention to it. 

     Lastly, I would just like to remind everyone that peer counseling is always open and is located in South Hall 16, open to anyone who needs support for any reason! We will be there for you with a safe space if you ever feel like you need one! 

(Chaffey’s Safe Space in Peer Counseling  ) 

I agree. Mrs. Kruse is amazing and our 4th period makes me feel a little more free to share my thoughts and feelings (louder than I already do in other classes). Her demeanor has made the class the fun, judgement-free zone that it is now, as well as the normalization of the mental health conversation. An integral part of Chaffey and its students, truly. Peer-counseling is a treasure and being part of it makes me feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m a part of something, but also welcome to express my true feelings about various topics.

Miranda O’Reilly, Class of 2024