As we come to the end of first semester, it is important to check in with our long-term goals.  A question that students and parent often ask is about what they should be doing to get ready for college.  I hope that the checklist below can help you set priorities and stay on track!

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors:  


  • Visit colleges:  In addition to the tasks above, second semester sophomore year is the perfect time to start visiting colleges.  See the post here for ways to find colleges and check out the five worth the drive on this page.  To visit a college, go to the school website, locate the admissions pages, and look for information about high school visits.  Every site looks a little different, so think like a detective and dig around.  You can call the admissions office and schedule a tour.  Get a parent to take you and your friends to as many colleges as possible over the next three semesters so you have plan for applications your senior year.
  • Prepare for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT exams:  You took the PSAT first semester this year.  Second semester, you should use your PSAT scores to help you get a study plan for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests (SAT II), and the ACT.  Use awesome resources like and the College Board to start studying.  Be sure to sign up for SAT II in chemistry and World History at the end of this semester!  Check out these blog posts for more information:


  • You should have three main goals this semester:  SAT/ACT preparation, excellent grades, and visiting colleges.
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  • Join our College Knowledge group for extra help!
  • SAT:  Sign up for Chaffey’s FREE SAT prep classes ASAP.  Check your School Loop email for a message from Mr. Hood about how to sign up.  Classes start in December and meet though March in preparation for the March SAT.
    • Check out these blog posts for more information:


You have a lot to do this month!  Be sure to reach out for help.

College Application Checklist:

  • October-November:  CSU Applications
  • November:  UC Applications
  • December-January:  Independent College Applications
  • Spring:  Community College Applications

Financial Aid Checklist:Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.07.46 PM

You are the final stretch!  See the monthly checklist below and stay on track.

College Application Checklist P 1

College Application Checklist p 2