All College Board tests involve testing fees.  These fees cover the development, administration, and scoring of the exams.  Fortunately, there are fee waivers available for many students.  For those who do not qualify, pay careful attention to the fees and start saving up!  Thought they may seem pricy now, the investment will pay off if you plan to attend a competitive college.  See the links below for detailed information about fees and waivers.  For information on the SAT I and SAT II tests, follow this link.

SAT I Fees and Registration

SAT II Fees and Registration

The College Board provides fee waivers for qualifying students.  The fee waivers cover a lot of fees, so be sure to check out the website here for details.  Here are the highlights:

College Board Fee Waivers Cover:

  • The registration fee for up to two SATs, with or without the SAT Essay
  • The registration fee for up to two SAT Subject Test administrations (take up to three individual SAT Subject Tests on a single test day)
  • Four college application fee waivers

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