Blog Post by Abagayle Fischer, Class of 2020

Chaffey High School chamber singers is very interactive and fun. We usually have about three concerts each year. Each concert has a theme and the songs that are performed in the concerts go with the theme. Our concerts are very enjoyable, but busy because our audience is usually about 200 to 250 people. In chamber singers there is a lot of team bonding and Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.46.38 PMfamily bonding because we spend so much time with each other throughout the year. Some family activities that we have done together are a movie night, a car wash, and friendsgiving. It is a lot of commitment considering we are the highest level of choir at our school. We often have meetings after school to discuss things that need to be purchased and fundraising ideas to get the money to accomplish these things. All of these meetings and activities would not be possible without our president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer that we all vote for at the beginning of the year. Chamber singers is a very eventful activity to be involved in, and it is an amazing opportunity.