Blog Post by Abril Perez, Class of 2019

It was the day before Thanksgiving and a perfect time for an Alumni game. Previous basketball players who had been in high school in the 90’s, in championships, and those who were just in Chaffey High School all came together to play. It was exciting to say the least; the skill of the experienced versus the current varsity team was tremendous. The score was 47 to 54, the alumnus had won this time around. The alumnus left the varsity players speechless as well as behind. They stood there bewildered by the action that had just taken place before them. Many of the players wanting to do the same moves, passes, and shots as the alumni. Once the game concluded the varsity team took some pointers and asked them to join future practices. This last alumni game was a loss for the varsity team this year but not next year. Watch out Alumnus!