Blog Post by Arianna Ruiz, Class of 2019

AVID is a program at Chaffey High School that has done so much for our ambitious students who savor an opportunity in success. AVID has impacted my whole high school experience and for that I am beyond thankful and beyond words to express my love for the program. When I walked into registration as a soon to be freshman, I knew right there and then that I had wanted to be in AVID all 4 years because their principles were my tools to be a college student. They were the only support system that I knew that would teach me all that I needed to know to get to a university. I sought an informative class that would in the end guide me in applying and found that I later benefit from all the skills that are considered minor to create a well rounded student of myself. Today, I walk around with a filled agenda and composed 2 inch binder without second guessing where a page of homework went. Organization has made high school more flexible along with the built of writing, inquiry, and collaboration that has intermixed us with kids who all have the well known American Dream. With that said, AVID hosts a wide range of ways to reflect a better version of ourselves by motivating us to become involved with our community such as volunteer hours and attending field trips to local colleges/universities. In general, AVID is the foundation of success at our school and it’s powerhouse is held in North Hall with our inspiring AVID Coordinator, Mr.Quintero who uplifts every class in achieving their goals and spreading his infectious desire to see us prosper.