Blog Post by Jennifer Hernandez, Class of 2019

Environmental Science is a field of study that allows people to learn about the environment and investigate solutions for the environmental issues of the planet. Anthropogenic activities, meaning derived from human activities, are the biggest damage to the Earth. Unmanaged construction, deforestation, overfishing, overgrazing, and the use of natural resources are activities that are hurting the planet. Species are losing their habitats, species are going extinct, and greenhouse gas emissions are causing carbon concentrations in the atmosphere to increase which means the planet is warming up (global warming). The planet does not have infinite amount of resources, so we must recycle and reuse in order to live sustainably without running out of the resources. Only 3% of all bodies of water is freshwater, so we must use the water appropriately. The AP Environmental Science class has taught me that we only have one planet with finite amount of resources,and humans are the greatest threat to the planet. Therefore, I try to use less water, recycle cans and plastic, and reuse paper which can be useful little things that can help our planet in the future.

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