Written by Fernanda Almaguer Vallejo, class of 2021

ROP is a great way to get ready for your future career and can help provide different career options for people who are undecided about their future career. ROP offers courses like healthcare occupations, medical assistant, criminal laws and justices, dental assistant, video game designs and many more courses for high school students (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) for free. Whether you want to major in a career that ROP offers or just for personal interest, you should take ROP. Not only does ROP provide career readiness, but it also gives students 10 high school credits, 3 college credits, and a diploma of the course.

When I first heard of ROP, I thought that it would be boring and waste the amount of time that I had to do my homework after school. Personally, I was bad at time management which made me not feel capable of doing an after school activity and manage to do homework at the same time. One day, I decided to try out ROP and, let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made.

I decided to take the health care occupation course. Although my planned major is not in the medical field, I decided to take this class because I was interested and wanted to learn about different medical terms that medicals use. In this course we learn about the whole human body and we discussed the effects and causes of diseases/disorders. We also learned how to take blood pressure and other medical procedures that medicals do including writing a medical report for a client at a hospital. Also, in this course I had to use scrubs which made me feel more like a medical assistant. After I finished and passed this course, I received not only 10 high school credits and 3 college credits, but I also received a medical assistant diploma. Thanks to this ROP course, I’m learning about different types of disorders and diseases and medical terms that medicals use.

In addition, ROP not only helps prepare for a career but it helped me become a better student. Like I’ve mentioned before, I was terrible at time management but ROP has helped me organize my time and finish things ahead of time. For instance, during 3rd period and a free period (if I’m lucky to have one that day)I make sure to work on homework that is due the next day. Since my ROP course is from 4:30pm till 9:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday, I make sure to do my homework at appropriate times during the school day since I don’t want to work on my homework late at night. Before, I wouldn’t take advantage of my free time, instead, I would use my free time (a.k.a no homework day) to be on my phone or do something non academic. Now I use my free time to work on current and future assignments so that I won’t stress out about doing the assignment during an ROP day late at night.

Although ROP is very long it has helped me become a better student by making me manage my time better and be more productive during my free time.

I strongly suggest that all students try ROP. ROP will change your academic life by making you a better student. By joining an ROP course, you will not only be ready for a future career but you can also learn about different careers that are interesting for you and cause an impact in your life. In ROP, people meet other people from different high school districts and create a friendship with each. Not only that, but you also have amazing teachers that make you feel safe and engage you to keep on learning.

Here is a link to the Baldy View ROP website where you can learn more: https://www.baldyviewrop.com

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