Student blog post by Kimberly Cardenas, class of 2021

Since freshman year, I’ve played a crucial part here at Chaffey High School. This was all due to Renaissance, a club where students are encouraged to take an active role in improving their school community. In Renaissance, academics are always celebrated and encouraged.

Renaissance is a club where we help students everyday whether it be giving motivational talks to students failing classes or promoting mental health awareness. This advertisement of academics is exemplified through our two big projects: the Renaissance Rally and the Smarty Party. The Renaissance Rally acknowledges not only the top ten students in each grade, but also the most improved students and student athletes among other groups. Sure the show is fun and entertaining, but it also gets students excited about academics which is most important. The Smarty Party also recognizes those students that have amazing grades and provides an incentive to encourage students to get good grades. Helping all these students has made me realize that I love helping people and I want to keep doing it. We are also highly involved in celebrating staff by celebrating each staff member’s birthday or organizing breakfasts to show that they are appreciated. It’s given me an avenue to develop leadership skills that are needed in the real world especially in the career path I want to take.

My experience in Renaissance has been truly life-changing and because of it I have broken out of my shell and been active instead of proactive. Although it can be a little stressful at times, the stress is definitely worth it in the end. Having people thank you for helping them or telling you what a great job you did on a rally is really one of the best feelings because all the hard work does pay off in this class. I’ve also gotten to meet many new people in this class that are now my best friends. Renaissance also helps with networking because students are so involved in their school. I really recommend this class for everyone that feels like they are unimportant at Chaffey because this class really shows how necessary each and every student is to the school.

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