Blog Post by Elena Trinh, Class of 2020

The problem that teenagers in high school usually face is managing the time to balance spending time with family, practicing sports, personal problems, discovering yourself, and, on top of everything, finding time to do your homework. Time management is a difficult skill to juggle sometimes, when you’re a student like me who engages in both sports, AP and Honors classes, and also clubs, in my case, Academic Decathalon. The skill of time management is necessary to maintaining a good balance between everything, though it is extremely difficult to gain this skill, especially if you do extracurricular activities like me and most of the students at Chaffey. The main obstacle in balancing time is the common urge to procrastinate, however, getting past this challenge makes managing time a whole lot easier. A few ways may be to tell yourself to finish everything you need to do first and at the end, you’ll reward yourself. Another way may be to create a checklist on your phone or to use your agenda to write down the things you need to do and which are the most or least important. Having the skill of time management is truly essential and beneficial for me because I like to keep organized and to have a plan. If you know when to finish your homework and what’s due the next day, you can make it in time to catch your favorite show, go out with your friends, or even finally get to sleep on time for that night.


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