Blog Post by Jose Sanchez, Class of 2020

Have you ever wondered if you weren’t going to be able to turn in an assignment or found yourself having too long of a break? I’m guilty as charged and if you think about it, you will realize that this can happen all too often. Time management is such a crucial part of lifestyle, that we must strive to implement it into our own agenda. Firstly, make a list of prioritization. The human mind can be deceiving and you might find yourself working on an assignment that is due in two weeks, even though you also have an assignment due in two days. I find that the best way to tackle a long list of assignments is to work in chronological order. That said, don’t leave large projects till last minute because you were too busy working on other assignments. Have a busy day after school with homework? Manage your time in session blocks. The human mind can focus for only so long, so you should figure out how long you attention span is and implement small breaks. Whatever you do, don’t put pleasure over work. If in your break you decide to watch a short video or play a quick match on a video game, stick with it and continue working right after. If you follow this simple guide you will soon find yourself blazing through tasks and will no longer worry about having late assignments. Good Luck!!!