This year, we are revising our GATE placement process to better support our students. Throughout second semester of the 2022-2023 school year, students will have many opportunities to learn about GATE coursework, receive academic support, and make informed choices about the classes they plan to take to prepare for college and career.

All students who are interested in AP and/or Honors classes for next school year, must complete the pre-registration form and attend an orientation.

GATE Pre-Registration From

  • Students must be logged in with their school Google account to complete the survey.
  • Students should complete the survey before meeting with their counselor, then discuss their interests with their families, teachers, and counselors when they register for classes.
  • The survey will open January 30.

GATE Orientation Nights

  • This year, we will host three AP/Honors Orientation Nights instead of one AP Night as we did last year.
  • Each orientation will include information about coursework, preparation, and support for AP and Honors students.

The slideshow below provides information about the GATE program, recruitment, and placement for the upcoming school year.