See the slideshow below to help you understand the costs of college and the ways that financial aid can help college be more affordable.

This presentation includes a more detailed explanation of college costs, financial aid, and financial aid awards:

College Cost Estimators:

Cost Estimator at California Colleges (Log in with your GAFE account to see all resources.)

Net Price Estimator at College Board (Log in with your College Board account to see all resources.)

Want some more information? Check out this helpful article from Forbes.

100% Needs Meeting Schools:

These colleges and universities have pledged to meet students’ demonstrated financial need. After they receive an EFC, they put together a financial aid package that families can afford. These lists should broaden your horizons! Take some tome to check out each school and see if one may be your dream school!

US Colleges that Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need (Capex)

Schools that Meet 100% of Demonstrated Financial Need (College Vine)