Blog post by Julia Walls, class of 2021

The thought of a third year of science may seem daunting to many oncoming juniors or seniors, especially if the science class is an AP or honors course. While it is a challenging course, I highly recommend that every student consider taking AP Environmental Science.

Environmental Science is the study of anything to do with the natural world and environment. It involves a wide range of subjects from the nitrogen cycle all the way to government policies. In Ms. Adams’ class, the information is presented in a variety of ways, not just daily lectures. A typical week in her APES class involves notes, quizzes, student led presentations, documentaries, labs, and free response questions. There is usually homework daily, however Ms. Adams provides many opportunities for extra credit, as she wants you to succeed. Recently, I attended a city council meeting and received extra points for getting involved in my community.

This course has truly changed my perspective on the world we live in. I have found that the assignments genuinely intrigue me and provide me with a deeper understanding of how something seemingly simple, like running a farm, actually comes with a ton of environmental issues. Mrs. Adams also relates the content we are learning in class to what is happening in the real world. This is extremely relevant, as being informed on what is going on with our planet will help us make better decisions and elect government officials that we believe will create polices to halt climate change.

When registering for your classes, consider taking AP Environmental Science.