Blog post by Courtney Pedersen, class of 2021

AP Environmental Science is an inspiring, challenging, and interesting class. While integrating rigorous courses and teaching key concepts to help students understand the real world, the class is full of exciting projects and information. We have discussed many different concepts in the environment including biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity, populations, and land use. Mrs. Adams also easily connects to current events that happened this year, such as the Amazon rainforest fires. In AP Environmental Science we have also discussed how animals and meat are processed and treated, which has inspired me to make some changes in my life.

This class offers a new perspective on the world and gives a clear and in depth understanding on how the world works. We have also discussed carrying capacity and what our planet will look like in the future. Additionally, we have talked a lot about human impact on agriculture, ecosystems, and pollution.

Mrs. Adam’s AP Environmental Science course has enriched my junior year at Chaffey because it inspires me to change my lifestyle and do more for the world. The class is very informative and still challenging, but it has a lot to offer. I have really enjoyed taking this class and I would definitely recommend it for any upcoming juniors or seniors.