by Elina Shibata, Class of 2020

In Anatomy, you will learn the anatomical terms, chemistry, cell biology, histology, about the integumentary system, osteology, participate in dissection labs, etc. You will learn about systems and functions in depth and

I like this class because it is very interactive and you are able to learn about everything in your body in depth.

This class has increased my passion to pursue a career in the health field. Even if you are not looking to pursue a career in the health field, it is a good class to take because you will be able to learn about the human body and many things you might not be able to learn in a different class. It might also spark your interest in this topic.

I would recommend this class because it is a very fun class and it includes many labs and dissections that will help you further understand the topic through a hands on experience. I learned how to organize my ideas and the data from the labs into flow charts and diagrams, and learned about many exam taking tactics.

This class will require time and dedication to the class, including time to write notes, watch videos, and work on labs at home as well as during class.

It is important to be able to memorize anatomical terms because in the course, you must dedicate time and be able to memorize regional terms, the names of the bones, muscles, etc.

Anatomy has helped me in improving my note taking skills, being able to listen effectively, and to be able to concentrate on one assignment and manage my time properly. I believe that I was able to find my learning style from this class and I believe that it prepared me for college because it taught me how to work productively.