Bright Prospect is a program that supports students in our area in their quest for college. Students apply to the program in fall of their sophomore year and work with the program throughout their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Bright Prospect Mission:

Bright Prospect aims to break the cycle of poverty in our service area by significantly increasing the college-going culture, expectation and rate in our community. By creating an ever-growing cadre of highly-educated young professionals, we will make our culturally vibrant community and its families more financially stable.


From the Bright Prospect web page:

  • Bright Prospect has grown from serving 12 low-income students in 2003 to 2,200 students in 2017.
  • 98% of our high school students matriculate to college.
  • 86% of our college students graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 25% of our college graduates continue on for an advanced degree.
  • Bright Prospect students have graduated from 14 of the 15 top colleges and universities in the nation (among them Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Dartmouth Amherst, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, Wellesley, Pomona and Williams). Others attend or have graduated from a University of California or California State University campus while a smaller proportion get their start at a community college and then transfer to UC or Cal State.