Blog post by Sarahi Verdin, class of 2019

The Toyota Mentorship Program has taught me so much including how to be a leader. The Toyota Mentorship takes place every second Wednesday of the month in the Toyota auto part factory here in Ontario. Our mentors are amazing. They teach us various things that will help us become better citizens. We learn how to think outside the box and how to step out of our comfort zones. We hear our mentors’ experiences not just in their careers, but also in life. Toyota Mentorship has taught me lessons that I don’t learn in school. Next month, which is December, we will be learning how to administer our money. I personally cannot wait for this lesson because I will learn a lot about administering my money and think about my priorities. It is such a wonderful experience. I am beyond grateful for such an amazing opportunity and I encourage other students to join such life changing program next year, since there is only a limited amount of space.

Here is a cool video of the program from 2013: