English Language Arts at Chaffey High School

Students must take four years of English to graduate and prepare for college. At each year, they have several choices and we also offer several college prep electives that provide students with the opportunity to hone their skills as writers.

Course Spotlight: English III Honors

Student blog post by Uyen Huynh, Class of 2020 I believe that upcoming students should take honors to challenge themselves and to improve their skills in English. The students in English III Honors class do Daily Writing Assignments; this practice method […]

College-Bound Reading Lists

The more we read, the more we know!  It sounds like a catch-phrase on a silly public service announcement, but it’s true.  Students who read widely and deeply are better prepared for college and life.  Though it can […]

The best rules of rhetoric are to speak intelligently, speak from the heart, have something to say, say it, and stop when you are done.

Tyron Edwards

9th Grade

English I P

World literature, grammar and composition skills are studied. Core literature and all CAP writing styles, introduction to library skills and vocabulary study will be covered.

English I Honors

An accelerated study of literature and composition. The students will practice and learn the various writing styles, read core literature and other required texts. An emphasis on classical mythology will enhance the student's knowledge of world literature. A library research project will be required and a focus on college level vocabulary will also be taught.

10th Grade

English II P

This course is designed to give the student a solid background in all literary genres. Composition skills and all writing styles will be emphasized. A research project, vocabulary study language mechanics and communication skills will be included as well.

English II Honors

An advanced literature and composition course where all core literature and all writing styles will be covered. In addition, an introduction to poetry, dramatic literature and the novel will be covered. College level (SAT) vocabulary and a research project will be included.

11th Grade

English III P

This course is designed for the college-bound student. Various genres of fiction will be selected from American literature. Grammar and composition skills will be studied and practiced. Library and research skills will continue to be practiced. A written research paper will be required.

English IIII Honors

The curriculum offers qualitative differentiation of depth, complexity, novelty and pace.  This course is designed for the serious university or college bound student and will prepare the student for AP English.  The literature is focused on various genres of American literature.  Students will analyze and interpret novels, short stories, poems and plays.  In addition, formal essays will be studied culminating in a fully researched term paper second semester.

AP English Language and Composition

This course is designed for students who will be taking the AP English Language exam. This composition course is designed to prepare students to read and respond to a variety of texts at a level equivocal to the requirements for college freshman. 
AP English Language and Composition overview at College Board

12th Grade

Expository Reading and Writing

This course is designed to prepare students for college level English and is aligned with the California English-Language Arts Content Standards. The course assignments emphasize the in-depth student of expository, analytical, and argumentative reading and writing. The course is designed to promote college-readiness via critical reading and analyses of non-fiction texts, as well as addressing writing problems.

AP English Language and Literature

This is an advanced English course that offers students a challenging curriculum with an accelerated pace, in-depth study of literature, and extensive readings. The course emphasizes British and world literature through critical analysis of literary works, such as Macbeth, The Stranger, and other titles frequently listed on the AP exam. Students complete research projects and papers each semester as preparation for passing the Literature and Composition Advanced Placement exam. Students also meet the required California English Language Arts Content Standards for grade twelve in the areas of reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions, and listening and speaking skills. 
AP English Literature overview at College Board

English Elective Courses

Creative Writing

This course is designed through regular writing and responding to develop student awareness of their writing process.  Students will read exemplary pieces and learn principles of fiction and poetry and non-fiction and how to apply these principles in their own writing, techniques for effective response, and generation of creative ideas.  Each student will produce a portfolio or project which represents his or her best writing.

Journalism: Newspaper

Journalism I and II: This is a one-year course designed to present mass media principles to the student who has an interest in journalism. Students will study the mass media, approaches to newspaper writing and design and using computer technology and produce a newspaper. Students will have an opportunity to contribute to the school's official news publication.
Newspaper:  Students become part of the editorial team that writes and produces the school's official news publication and are responsible for planning issues, writing all copy, producing graphics, taking photos and designing each issue. Students are responsible for determining and meeting deadlines and selling advertisements to local businesses to help finance the publication. Concepts of journalism are reviewed and reinforced.  

Journalism: Yearbook

Yearbook students will learn the skills of effective written, verbal and visual communication while learning successful people, time and money management. They will learn terms and procedures for yearbook planning, marketing, production, printing as well as the legal issues of publishing. They will acquire skills in desktop publishing techniques, and photography.