Blog Post by Oscar Segovia, Toyota Mentorship Program Coordinator


Last evening was the final Gala event for the Toyota Mentorship Program, culminating another enriching and rewarding year for some of our fortunate students.  Attached you will find three pictures:  one of the recipients of the six Toyota Scholarships and the others for perfect attendance.
Please congratulate the following students who were awarded a scholarship yesterday:
1) Josue Menivar-Mendez ($1,000 Scholarship)
2) Jocelyn Betancourt ($1,000 Scholarship)
3) Eduardo Garcia ($1,000 Scholarship)
4) Camryn Schott ($1,000 Scholarship)
5) Diana Contreras ($4,000 Scholarship)
6) Felipe Valdovinos Jr. ($4,000 Scholarship)
Thank you Dr. Matamala, administration and Jose Quintero for all of your support this year and I look forward to working with you and the coordinators as we prepare for next year.   I would also like to recognize our officers, President Jocelyn Betancourt and Luis Plancarte for their leadership and dedication.  Good luck to both of you.